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2019 – 2020 Executives & Board of Directors

2019 –  2020 AGC Board

Pictured Left to Right

Jim Fox, Treasure;  Kevin Brownlee, President;  Jennifer Odgen, Vice President;  Kathy Temple, Secretary.  Also in the picture is Kay Lester.

The Associated Garden Clubs of Spokane is a qualified 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All or part of membership or donation amount maybe tax deductible. Please contact your tax adviser.

A note from Jennifer Ogden, Past AGC President: 

Jennifer Ogden, AGC President
Jennifer Ogden, Past AGC President



In this day and age of emails, Facebook, Twitter and online connecting, why belong to a group such as AGC? Here are a few very good reasons:

♦ AGC gives back to the community.  Who started the Lilac Parade which honors our military and features not only Spokane but our region?  AGC, in 1938.

♦ Who then gave birth, so to speak, to the Lilac Festival Association to represent our city, not only to the nation, but internationally as well?  AGC, in 1952.

♦ Who has given over $240,000 back to the city parks, civic and cultural center gardens, and green spaces all over Spokane to keep it blooming beautifully?AGC,since we began keeping track of our donations in 1986, and certainly more before that.

♦ Connection with real people:  Gardeners are by nature a generous lot with both their information and their plants.   There is only so much to be gained from surfing the web.  How can you really learn to raise and nurture seedlings in a greenhouse, without actually doing it?

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