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Christmas Tree Elegance


The above images belong to the Spokane Symphony Association.  They are used with their permission, and to maintain a consistent appearance with their promotions.

A benefit of belonging to ACG is the opportunity to participate with others at special events.  One such event is this years AGC tree at the Christmas Tree Elegance.  Below is a photo gallery of the group decorating the tree and the finished tree.

Associated Garden Clubs invites you to come downtown and tour the Christmas Tree Elegance at both the Davenport and River Park Square.  Raffle ticket may be purchased for $ 1.00 each and are entered at the tree(s) of your choosing.

AGC tree is #4 at the Davenport.

Our theme is:  Birds “Heaven & Nature Sings with Associated Garden Clubs.  Our tree in located at the Davenport.

The raffle is now open and tickets are $1.00 each.

Davenport trees can be viewed until 8:00 pm Saturday, December 14, 2019.  Winners drawing will occur around 9:00 pm that same evening.

River Park Square trees can be viewed until 4:00 pm on Sunday, December 15, 2019.  Winners drawing will occur around 4:30 pm that same afternoon.

Congratulations to  Katie Mckeeham,   the winner of AGC’s Tree # 4

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